Sunday, November 22, 2009

Welcome to the 2x2 Gallery

The 2x2 Gallery is a project that I began in Memphis TN in 2002 while a graduate student at the University of Memphis studying with Greeley Myatt. One day he and I were discussing a project and Duchamp's miniature museum came up and it clicked that I wanted to create a small gallery to have exhibits in. Thus the 2x2 gallery was created. I started by making it portable(though very heavy) and had exhibits all over Memphis. On street corners, in galleries, Rhodes College and The University of Memhis Art Museum. Upon moving to St. Augustine the 2x2 Gallery was invited in (as was my own work) to Simple Gestures(904-827-9997) located on 4 White Way in the Historic Cooridor 1 mile from Downtown St. Augustine,Fl.
At this location their have been 8 exhibitions.
John Wical's "Thresholds" exhibit is one of my favorites and people still talk about it whenever the 2x2 comes up. John is a master level carpenter working in St. Augustine who also has his BFA in Sculpture from Clemson University. With a quick wit and a passion for the details Jon Wicals "Thresholds" was at once a comment on the throwback use of lead by high-end construction companies in the area to waterproof exterior doors and the interplay of sculpture and carpentry. Wical's work begs the question of which comes first for him and for us. Without art there is no need for art galleries or art museums. Without carpentry neither institution can exist.


  1. y'know...i still have a ton of pics for when i did it like 4 years ago...kinda blurry but some of them may be decent...there is a pretty sweet one of jenai, you, connor, carinne and i...