Thursday, June 19, 2014

The 2x2 Gallery is not dead!

I know the 2x2 Gallery gave Hamlett Dobbins good reason to assume it was dead but it was just in a cicada like dormancy period. We are excite to announce that we launched a collaboration with Cowboy Concept Ya'll to curate the space for a special project he's calling "4 the Birds"

About the project he CCY says

"mikewindy whose mind I'm a figment of has let me take his 2x2 gallery in a slightly different direction. I curmissioned(curated/commissioned) a group of work by him and stole an idea he previously utilized(but didn't quite see through if I may) while a graduated student at the University of Memphis. I am happy to present the 4 the Birds series in conjunction with the 2x2gallery. I'll be curmissioning other artists for future exhibitions and keep your eyes out for some videos and maybe even a live(bird) feed!

For more info about Cowboy Concept Ya'll 

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